New Employee HSE Indoctrination

Each person, upon joining the company, shall attend a New Employee Indoctrination program conducted by head office HSE Training Specialist / HSE Engineer and HSE Manager for skilled workers and supervisory / managerial levels respectively prior to commencement of any work. Topics to be discussed include the following:

• Company HSE Policy
• Basic HSE rules
• Causes of accidents and methods to identify hazards
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Accident reporting
• Reporting unsafe conditions
• ousekeeping, etc.

A record of attendance shall be kept and each employee shall sign on the Indoctrination Form attesting his attendance on the session.

Handbooks of Company General HSE Rules and HSE Policy Statement will be given during the indoctrination. Video film that illustrates the organization expectations and how the individuals play their role to accomplish a safe work atmosphere is also shown during the session.

Employee HSE Orientation

This applies to employees who are new to the project or re-assigned from other another project with the view of making them familiarize with specific work procedures and hazards. This program is tailored to the plant / area they are assigned to work. General topics will be discussed which include as follows:

• Specific project HSE rules
• Personal protective system and issue system
• Smoking policy

• Emergency preparedness
• Traffic regulations
• Housekeeping
• Material handling and storage
• Equipment operation
• Fire prevention
• Safe rigging practices
• Scaffolding standards

These are ordinarily conducted by Project/Area HSE Engineer at every worksite with record of attendance kept of all employees who attend the session.

Weekly HSE Toolbox Meeting

The Craft Supervisor/Foreman shall conduct a weekly toolbox meeting. A preferred HSE topics will be prepared by the HSE Engineer and distributed in advance to Supervisor/Foreman.

The purpose of the weekly toolbox meeting is to provide project employees with information and instruction relative to accident prevention, procedures, HSE performance and general precautions to be taken during the course of construction activities.

• All employees are required to attend the weekly toolbox meeting.
• All employees in attendance are required to sign the meeting record form.
.• The HSE material covered should be pertinent to the work being performed and each employee must be able to hear the topics being discussed.

HSE Refresher Course

HSE Refresher Courses will be conducted to employees of all levels to stay current on HSE courses and improve personal development. These include but not limited to the following:

• Supervisor role in accident prevention
• Defensive driving
• Work Permit system
• Office safety
• Accident reporting and investigation system
• Safe manual lifting
• Scaffolding safety
• Excavation trenching and shoring
• Safe crane operations
• Welding, cutting equipment
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Electrical safety
• Plant operations
• Fire safety
• Abrasive blasting and cutting

The Training Specialist normally conducts these health and HSE courses with computer and other audio visual aids. The lesson on each session will be presented thru lectures, film showing on subjects and handouts distribution. The HSE Dept. and the HRA Dept. maintain records of attendance.

Special HSE Training

As required by the client, the Saudi Arabia Government or other institution, SIS will submit employees to undergo special training of specialized skills that include as follows:

• First Aid
• Work Permit Receiver Course
• Fire Watch/Standby Man Requirements
• Driver Certification Program
• Operator Certification Program
• Welder Certification
• Entry Attendant

All participants who passed the training examination will receive Identification Card (ID) and/or Certificate of Completion from the client upon completion of each session.

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